Google to switch entirely over to mobile-first indexing by Sep 2020

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The number one search engine Google revealed that 70% of the websites shown in search already have been switched to mobile version. Google has announced that all the websites will be crawled and indexed through the mobile-first indexing by September 2020. A qualified team in this renowned company has a commitment to switching to the mobile-first indexing for every website starting from September 2020. Almost the majority of the websites have moved already. You can feel free to check whether your website has moved over when you login to Google Search Console. An experienced team in Google ensured from its analysis that many websites shown in search results are really good and appropriate for mobile-first indexing.

Mobile-first indexing process in recent years

Well experienced and committed personnel of Google have been working for the mobile-first indexing since 2016. They have had most of the time to get ready for this process and ensure that the result of this project come as no surprise to users of the search engine. Some people think about what they have to do next as they have already received the notice from this company and their website was not move yet. They can contact the friendly customer support team in this company and discuss about everything associated with the mobile-first indexing and how it affects their website indexing and ranking in Google. They must make clear doubts and follow the professional guidelines to succeed in the search engine optimization process.

Google Search mainly uses the mobile content of the web page to create its search index as well as ranking with the mobile-first indexing. Many people who have heard the announcement regarding the mobile-first indexing by Google in 2016 do not take care of it and spend enough time to find the consequences of this change. However, they get ever-increasing doubts and worries when they get the notification from the Google and Google’s latest announcement regarding the default nature of the mobile-first indexing of the Google Search by September 2020. This leading company started using this project after a few small tests. This company has successfully used the mobile-first indexing for over a half of the web pages it showed in the search results by December.

Make a better-informed decision Google says that many websites nowadays are ready for the mobile-first indexing system as it uses this system for 70% websites so far. However, there is a requirement for occasionally crawling the desktop websites by using the traditional Googlebot. Google uses two crawlers with a plan to identify itself with the mobile phone user-agent and the one which looks like the traditional Chromium version used to render the desktop version of the websites. Webmasters hereafter can see increased crawling by this major search engine. They will see the mobile agent for the most part of this process.  This switch must be seamless for many websites. It is time to switch it on your desktop website without mobile version for both.

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