WordPress site health: What is it and where to find it?

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The WordPress has launched a brand new feature known as site health. This is actually a tool that observes the health of your site and also informs you of any problems or enhancements to create. However, it is more essential for you to carry on an eye on this page and this is where all major plugins will fall their warning. Let’s oblige in. basically, site health is a tool in WordPress that highly assists you watch how your site is performing. It actually consists of a couple of components such as an info screen and a status screen. Now, you can also discover the site health tool through Tools-> site health in your WordPress backend. Along with the WordPress checks, the plugins creator can also incorporate with site health.

How the site health score works in WordPress?

The site health functionality in WordPress includes strong tools that assist you find prospective problems and also make it simple for you to stick your site, if something goes mistaken. This WordPress site health tool runs a sequence of tests and also shares the suggestions as well as outcomes with you depends on what it discovers.

Once you update your WordPress site, you will discover a couple of new pages beneath Tools-> Site Health. The first page displays your site health status with outcomes classified as:

  • Good
  • Critical
  • Recommended

However, these tests are what WordPress utilizes to measure your site health score. Regardless to say, the decisive tests evaluate more profoundly and not charging well in them can reduce your opportunities to obtain 100% site health score. The health check outcomes display decisive information relating to both safety and concert as well. These performance checks include checking for the following:

  • Latest PHP version
  • WordPress version
  • Scheduled events
  • SQL server version
  • UTF8MB4 support
  • REST API availability
  • Doing loopback requests
  • Working HTTP requests
  • Installation of recommended PHP modules

The second page is site health info page that consists of a lot of information related to your site health. There is a convenient button that can copy the entire information to your clipboard, so that you can easily share it with the developer who is helping you. For instance, if you are asking a plug-in author for help, this provides you a comfort way to offer them with information about your site.

Tips to find a 100% site health score in Word Press

At present, you know the checks that the WordPress runs to evaluate your website. Here are the ways that you can perform to obtain a 100% site health score includes:

  • Keep WordPress up to date
  • Keep plugins and themes up to date
  • Remove unused plugins and themes
  • Utilize the new SQL server version
  • Upgrade to a new PHP version
  • Ensure debug mode is turned off
  • Install the SSL certificate and use HTTPS
  • Depart the rest API enabled
  • Ensure WP Cron is enabled
  • Install the entire suggested PHP modules
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